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With a world full of ever-increasing screen resolutions, the readability can often be lost. Sometimes though, you just want the text to be a little smaller to bring everything into view.

Fear not, it's pretty easy to change the size of the text in Windows 10. This article looks at three options to change the size to suit you.

First of all, you will want to right click anywhere with blank space on your desktop. This will bring up the right click menu where you will then need to click on ‘Display settings':
right click on your desktop and then click on display settings

The first way you can change text size across Windows 10 is through the drop-down menu that will appear under the ‘Scale and layout'. This should automatically appear after the previous step. If it does not, click on ‘Display' in the left-side menu. The text size ranges from 100% to 175%, which seems a bit limited. As we will show further into the article, there are more personalised options.
next click on the drop down and select your preferred size of text for windows 10

The next option is to click on the ‘Advanced scaling settings' option.
next click on the advanced scaling settings link

There are a couple of options in this section. Firstly, you can use the Windows automated function. This tries to ‘fix' applications so the text isn't blurry. This is marked as 1 in the image below.

The second option you have is ‘Custom scaling'. This is where you can set a custom size for text which can range from 100%-500% depending on your preference. This is marked as 2 in the image below.
now you can choose the windows automated scaling feature or enter your own scaling

That's all for this post! Make sure to leave any comments you have below, and if you found this tutorial useful be sure to give it a thumbs up!

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