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Perhaps the most popular way to log in at the moment is facial recognition, but Windows 10 really hasn't got the change of it.

Many of our female readers have contacted asking how to remove the facial recognition login option as it doesn't recognise their face without make-up on. This is a lacking feature and to be honest, it's sometimes easier to just type in a password.

Follow the instructions below to review your sign-in options and change to your preference.

1. Go to the Start menu – this is the Windows icon in the bottom left-hand corner, or alternatively, use the Windows button on your keyboard.

2. Click on Settings as shown above. You can also just type this directly into the search box.

3. Click on Accounts, then Sign-in options

4. From here you can see all of the sign-in options. To stop facial recognition, simply click Remove under the Face Recognition section.

Just a note – if you want to give facial recognition another chance, you can always try and Improve recognition.

5. Other ways to sign-in:

Password – this is your standard account password and should never be shared with anyone

PIN number, a sequence of numbers that you remember. It is best not to use your actual bank account PIN number!

Picture password – this is where you choose a saved photo on your drive, then draw a pattern on it to unlock your device. This option is pretty cool, however, it can be easily copied by anyone who watches you log in to your PC.

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